Sabrina's Story

Two more days, two more transformations coming at you. ⛄️. I can't help but get emotional when I think about this one. Perhaps it's because I see so much of my own journey in it or perhaps it's because I know it's not just about weight loss for her, it's about getting her life back. When Sabrina started working with me in February, she couldn't even touch her toes. I remember her sharing a picture of herself in Warrior 3 and so proud to be leaning forward ever so slightly, balanced on one leg. Just that slight movement was something to be celebrated. And celebrate we did! Every step of the way. It all culminated when she called me from the finish line of her first half marathon, after being told by doctors just a few years ago that she'd never run again. 😮I'll let you read about her journey this year in her own words. 😊 "Last February, I was in pain management, physical therapy, all of it. My back was a disaster, I was on narcotic pain medicine, my GI tract was a mess. I was on Rx GI meds plus over the counter ones after meals. I hated my life. Megan, a friend I met through Team RWB, helped me turn it all around through Beachbody. I started with the 3 week yoga retreat. I could barely touch my knees, and I had to skip some days because I was in pain. But gradually, the pain became less. And I started changing my nutrition. I saw the pictures from my late honeymoon with my husband in January and hated how I looked. I went and got a body assessment and learned I was coming in at 38% body fat. I knew as a former athlete that I could do better. I bugged my now coach non stop with doubts, questions, frustrations. But I still stuck with the 21 day fix nutrition plan. Daily Shakeology. Stayed in the challenge groups. Then I became a coach myself, because I'm a paramedic by trade, and I started seeing results. I knew that I could help others follow my path. 10 months later, here I am. 21% body fat. 35 pounds, gone. And guess what? I ran a half marathon!! And I'm getting ready to do it again in a few weeks! You. Can. Do. This!! Trust the process, be patient with changes. I didn't get to 38% body fat in 6 weeks. And there was no way that I was going to get to my goal in 6 weeks, or 3-4 months! I had big goals, but I wanted to do it the RIGHT way. I want to keep this off for YEARS. And quick fixes won't give you that. And that seems to be the name of the game these days. "Lose 10 pounds in 14 days" etc. That won't stick folks. And by the way? No drugs. No pain meds, no more GI meds either. Zero. The proof of the body changes is in the pictures, but in truth, Beachbody has changed my life, given me my health back." And this is why I do what I do and love it so damn much. I'll actually be coaching Sabrina toward her first 26.2 in 2018. ❤️ Are you going to start the new year with changes? I can help. New Year's Resolutions don't stick but a new lifestyle will.  

30 pounds gone and they're not coming back!

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