Create Your Own JAR OF AWESOME

I know it's a scary and stressful time for everyone. I see you and your feelings are valid. I'm scared, too. However, I also know that it's so incredibly important that we do our best to stay in a space of positivity and love, not just for our own mental health but also for that of our families, especially our little ones.

Yesterday I shared some suggestions on how to start a gratitude practice on my IGTV. Recognizing that there is always something to be grateful for is a wonderful way to pull ourselves out of downward spiral of negativity, which is all too easy to succumb to these days. It takes practice to be mindful of our negative inner voice, I call mine my Inner Mean Girl, but eventually we can get to a point where we can stop those detrimental thoughts right in their tracks. Be patient with yourself during this process--just as it takes time to develop your muscles in the gym, it takes time to train your brain, too. Just keep working at it.

The power of positivity is going to help us get through these next several weeks and today I wanted to share a really fun and simple way to implement positive thinking and gratitude with our own kids by creating a Jar of Awesome.

Many of us are guilty of waiting until we reach our goal to celebrate--getting the promotion at work, losing 5 pounds, running an 8 minute mile...but the truth is that it's important to celebrate before that, too. Our goals are not achieved in one fell swoop--they are actually the accumulation of many, successive, small wins along the way. Celebrate those victories, too! No matter how small. The Jar of Awesome takes this same principle and applies it to our daily lives. Each day, you will write about the small wins and happy moments from your day on a small piece of paper and then place the paper in the jar. Whenever you need an extra boost of happiness or motivation, pick a piece of paper from the jar, read it, and celebrate YOUR awesome wins.

Get your own Jar of Awesome printable here.

Share your Jar of Awesome and tag me @coachmeganholmes.

I would love to see them and hear about your wins!

Please feel free to share this post with anyone who needs a boost of positivity right now!

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