Have you Embraced the Body Positivity Movement Yet?

I am so excited to share these stories with you! They are amazing stories of perseverance, commitment, transformation and CELEBRATION! And these are just a few of many coming out of The Live Out Loud Project.

So here goes...

A discovered that she doesn’t want anything to control her, not food, not her emotions, and she’s sleeping better than she has in a long time.

K lost 10 pounds and her hiking pants fit for the first time in two years. L did a boudoir photo shoot because her confidence is SOARING after a few months of consistently working out from home and being an active member in our wellness community. Amazing right?! And what’s more amazing is that I have stories like this happening every week in my online bootcamps. I truly can’t think of anything more better than helping someone transform their life in this way. Are you ready for that yet? I’m always just a message away, ready and waiting to help you write your own story.

Have you embraced the body positivity movement yet?! Because we sure are, in both my traditional May bootcamp and our new dance program group this month!

Inspired by this newest program, I couldn’t help but spread the body positivity all around!

But you might be wondering...what does that term mean exactly? It means that no matter what your physical weight or size is, you are proud of your body and feel empowered by it. It’s a whole movement that challenges how society, retail and media portray people and their bodies.

I love how Shaun T says it...’fit isn’t a size, it’s a feeling.’ And you may nourish your body well and stay fit and active each day, but not have a body that society would label as ‘fit and healthy.’

So my groups are all about treating your body positively and working to be better for yourself, and no one else! Let’s love ourselves where we’re at, while we are always striving to be better.

So here’s my quick tips on how to practice body positivity for yourself! You ready??

1. Make a ‘love it’ list! Think about the qualities you love most about your body, and keep a list of the top 5 things. Those qualities can be about your appearance, or your body’s function - anything you truly love and appreciate about it. Choose to focus on those positive qualities and read the list often to train yourself to treat your body positively, so the negative thoughts disappear.

2. Wear a ‘feel good’ wardrobe! Meaning, wear clothes that are actually comfortable and work WITH your body, not against it. There’s all kinds of resources on Pinterest and blogs to help you find types of clothing and brands that are perfect for YOUR body! So stop trying to force yourself into what you see social media influencers wearing on Instagram. If it’s not comfortable for you, don’t bother. It’s pretty much impossible to feel positive about your body if you’re wearing something that feels too short, too long, too tight, and just not right.

And ladies, this applies to under garments. These can be the worst if you don’t find the right ones for you. Wear something that makes you feel strong, sexy, confident and comfortable.

ALSO - just because you see the models or influencers wearing something and they don’t have the same body as you, doesn’t mean you can’t wear it too. Try it out! Bottom line...if it’s comfortable and makes you feel good - wear it!! If not, don’t fight it and just move on to something that DOES make you feel awesome.

3. Cut the comparisons! Right now - just as you are - you are unique and beautiful in your own way. So why even bother comparing yourself to anyone else?? The more you appreciate and love yourself, the more you will actually be your true self. And THAT is true freedom, to just be who you are.

You can scroll social media all day long beating yourself up and comparing yourself to everyone’s highlight reel. Or you can choose to love who you are, where you’re at, and what you are doing with your own life. If you are looking to anyone else, let it be only for inspiration or motivation for yourself, or love and support for them.

4. Thank your body! I know sometimes when we are feeling down and frustrated with our body it’s hard to show it love and appreciation. But if you really take a minute to think about it, there is SO MUCH to thank your body for! And I’ll give you some ideas to get the ball rolling, of what you might be thankful for...giving birth to kids, fighting and/or overcoming illness or disease, allowing you to play with your family, carrying you through life, doing your job, etc. There’s so much to thank your body if you just LOOK for it!

I hope these tips help you to love your body (and yourself) more and embrace where you are at, while always improving and celebrating getting even better!

I’m going back to school...again!

Yes, that’s right. I’ve decided to further my education in the health and wellness field and I will be studying Holistic Health Coaching and Chronic Disease Prevention. In the coming months, I will also be restructuring my business to include more opportunities to work together, outside of virtual boot camps. I’m so excited for this expansion and what the future holds for The Live Out Loud Project!

Until next time...

Much love, Megan

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