What is a Challenge Group exactly?

  • Online accountability group

  • Daily motivation and support from peers

  • Fitness and Nutrition coaching from Team Wanderlust Coaches

  • Giveaways, recipes, advice and more


Where can I find the Challenge Group?

  • The Live Out Loud Project is a private group on Facebook where I do my daily coaching. It's a fun community where we swap recipes, share our sweaty selfies and support one another on our journey.

  • The My Challenge Tracker app is dedicated place for you to log your measurements, track your workouts and shakes. I do not do any coaching in the app, it is simply a tool available to you during your journey.

  • Upon completion of the Steps for Success, you will receive an invitation to our groups on Facebook and and My Challenge Tracker App.

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How do I use the My Challenge Tracker?

Getting started with My Challenge Tracker is easy. Just follow these three steps:

  • Log in using your Team Beachbody/Beachbody On Demand account credentials, and you’ll automatically be directed into your Challenge Group. You’ll see a Welcome Screen with your Challenge Group as well as your Team Beachbody Coach’s name.

  • Click on the Get Started button.

  • Create your profile. On the next few screens, you’ll be asked for information that will help complete your user profile. If you don’t want to fill these out right away, you have the option to skip and complete them later. You can update your profile any time by clicking on “view checklist” from the home screen to add photos, measurements, weight, and goals.

  • If your Challenge Group hasn’t started yet, you’ll see the group start date displayed at the top of the page. Before your group begins, we recommend completing the pre-start checklist, which includes your goals for the Challenge Group, as well as your starting weight, and your before photo and measurements. You’ll also be able to see messages from your Coach, join group discussions and change your privacy settings, however, you won’t be able to log additional activity until the group officially starts.

  • Remember that your Coach will match your efforts. If we don't see you checking into the group, we'll assume that you're doing well and don't want or need our help.

  • To check out your progress, click on the person icon at the bottom of the screen.

  • Made a mistake? It happens. If you logged your Shakeology or created a workout by mistake, click the trash icon in the lower left corner.

  • Activate automatic reminders. Help yourself stay accountable by enabling “Push Notifications” for activity reminders in Settings. To choose which specific notifications you want to receive, click on “Notifications.” Also, make sure you turn on Reminders in the settings page.

  • Celebrate your monthly achievements! The calendar icon in the home screen provides a monthly view of your activity and allows you to add or edit past activity.

  • When your Challenge Group is over, you can view your progress and add your final photo and weight.

A few more tips...